Commercial Asset Management

For more than 18 years, Central and South Texas Property owners have come to depend on our extraordinary promise of professional property stewardship. We don’t just collect rent, we manage your asset as if it were our own. We’ve helped thousands of property owners manage their real estate assets. It’s a matter of trust.:

Questions and Answers

    • We look at each property through the eyes of the owner. In doing this, we answer at least three basic questions in monthly reports to our owners.
      • 1. What is the physical condition of my property?
      • 2. How are things going with my tenants?
      • 3. How is my property performing financially?
    • These questions are answered through a monthly property inspection, a tenant rent roll and tenant payment summary, and monthly financial statements. We look forward to providing answers to these and many other owner questions on a frequent basis.
  1. Operation and Maintenance
        • Coordinate and execute a property takeover, incliuding inspections and inventory reports.
        • Design and implement preventative maintenance plan.
        • Inspect property frequently & after work orders
        • Work with Vendors in all areas of Maintenance
        • Correspond regularly with property owners
  2. Tenant Relations
        • Customer Service
        • Monitor leases for expiraton, renewals, and options
  3. Financial Management
        • Develop a budget for the property
        • Collect receivables
        • Remit payables
        • Reconcile CAM, bank accounts, and close the books quarterly
        • Provide monthly statements to property owners
  4. Construction Management
        • Work with architects and engineers on drawings
        • Oversee tenant improvments
        • Set up amortization schedule for tenant improvements


We work with our clients to create customized strategies that allow us to tap into the potential of your asset


We establish a building operations and maintenance plan based on the best practices of the industry to retain the maximum value of the asset.


Satisfied tenants lead to low vacancy and help maximize the yields on the property.


We use sound financial management principles and strategies to maximize the value of your property.


We oversee improvements to ensure quality work is performed timely and with the contractors that will provide the best value.